The Story of the Rural Beautification Society of Prince Edward Island

For many years, rural Prince Edward Island has been noted for its natural beauty and also for its lovely cared-for homes, lawns, gardens, cemeteries and public buildings. Visitors to the Island have often wondered if there is a law that requires rural Islanders to keep their properties neat and attractive, or if there is a particular day of the week when everyone must mow their lawn. This was not always the case.

After the Second World War, many farm and community properties were in a sad state of neglect and disrepair. In just a few years, however, a small volunteer organization started by Lt.-Col. E. W. Johnstone began transforming the look of the countryside.

In the years since, the Rural Beautification Society has persuaded countless Islanders to paint, repair and plant to improve their homes, farms & properties. The PEI Rural Beautification Society Annual Awards has been a leader in enhancing the rural landscape of our beloved Province. Prize money totaling $15,000 is awarded annually to recognize Islanders for completing many worthy projects.

Property owners can be proud of their work and their neighbors can also take pleasure that they live in a province known not only for its natural beauty but also for the care that individuals take in making rural PEI even more beautiful. Many tourists admire the beauty of rural areas and often comment on how Islanders are such good caretakers of their homes and surroundings. There is no official mandate that requires property owners to take such good care of our Island. It's because Islanders have an inherent pride of place, combined with a gentle nudge from the Rural Beautification Society to ‘raise the bar’.

The Prince Edward Island Rural Beautification Society has largely relied on the generosity of donors, community groups, corporate sponsors and the PEI Government to support its work and to provide the prize money presented at the Annual Awards Dinner.

All donations big and small are greatly appreciated as well as memorial donations in memory of a beloved family member and special friends. We are a non-profit organization and a charitable receipt will be issued for all donations. Please mail to:

Prince Edward Island Rural Beautification Society
PO Box 1194
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7M8

Since our cold weather has put a delay on Spring arriving,
we have extended the deadline to submit entries for the 2017 Competitions.
We will gladly accept entries until June 30th